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Portrait photos done by JPP Photography of Newborn babies

Newborn Handsomeness

Been meaning to post these shots from this newborn session. Baby Morissette is quite the cool and handsome guy!!  Mom and Dad are really cool friends, have known them for some time now, really enjoyed doing these!!

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Newborn Cuteness from Baby R

Newborn session with Baby R @ 7 days old!

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Newborn Session | Baby Johann

This heavenly little guy is Baby Johann from Corona!! He did outstanding with his newborn photo shoot last month. He was already 21 days which is a little bit older than how we’d like them, just because of their sleeping patterns, but he did outstanding, he was able to go through the whole session pretty […]

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Baby Elane Newborn Session

This little newborn cutie patootie is Baby Elane of Orange County,  she’s daughter to one of our very dear wedding clients couples who hired us to photograph their wedding and as the songs says.. first comes marriage than comes the baby… well I think it’s how it goes. But anyway, had a great time photographer […]

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Baby Addison [1year old photos]

1 year old sessions are a big challenge let me tell you. You have this cute adorable mini human running all around you and it’s just cute moment after cute moment but boy oh boy you better be ready and that’s where the challenge comes in. I like to bring them into an enviroment where […]

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Orange County Newborn Baby Pictures

a Brand New Baby!!  Pinks!    And who is this beautiful baby? Meet Baby Isabella, (love the name, sounds like royalty) daughter of Kellie & Diego of Newport Beach. We will be photographing Bella through Baby’s 1st year portrait plan.  We’ll see her at 3,6,9, & 12months to record a baby’s 1st year milestones. Already […]

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