5 steps to a great Summer Family Portraits! Step 1 Commitment

portrait of a family at the beach

portrait of a family at the beach

The OC..  where families RULE!

If like me you live in Orange County and perhaps you’re a young family, maybe a newborn has just been ushered or what about those toddlers that are growing, well chances are you’ve been tugging at the husband or the wife to  have a family portrait done or maybe just want to update and old one.

Families portraits are awesome. They are like a chronograph stop in the walk of life. Once it’s recorded it’s there to appreciate what God has blessed you with. In no time the portrait becomes a treasure and you can look back and say wow!!

The good news is with the Pacific Ocean as our playground Orange County is one of the most pristine locations to have a family portrait. There are countless beaches up north, down south, beautiful weather practically the whole year, and very beautiful people to boot.

You’re convinced you should have one and now on to face the most challenging roadblock to getting it done, the commitment. I encourage you to spend some time talking with your significant other about the great benefits for you and the children about getting one done.  I think if you talk about it and you realize that your better of investing in a portrait than say a $100 pair of jeans, you’ll end up with a treasure for your children which will last a last time. I also encourage you to pray about it, I do. I pray about practically everything that I want and when I do I’m directed by non other than creator of the universe, how awesome is that.


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